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Kilayim between Vegetables

Grew veggies densely in ground but now grow in containers. Planted parsnip because I cannot buy it in Israel. In one container most of parsnip died so I planted red carrots in the empty end. Today before harvest I realized this migh be a problem of mixed species. The closest carrot and parsnip distance was a little over 30 cm. which is the distance btwn rows for dense cultivation. Can I eat either or both? Please note I belong to a machon and paid maaser ani on any possible crops.


A distance of 30cm, in this case, is sufficient for both to be permitted.

Sources: According to the Chazon Ish, the distance between two vegetables must be at least one and a half tefachim. 30cm is more than this distance. See also Rambam (Kiayim 3:9-10).

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