My daughter accidentally made eggs with cheese in a fleishig frying pan. What is the status of the pan?


The pan needs to be kashered by means of hag’alah (immersion in boiling water). Alternatively, the pan can be turned upside down on top of a high flame, for a minute.

Sources: Authorities dispute the status of a frying pan concerning the need for hag’alah or libbun, and most authorities write that hag’alah is sufficient (see Biur Halachah 451:11). This is especially true for meat and milk, which Shulchan Aruch Harav writes has the status of heitera bala (452:2). Libbun Kal, whic can be achieved by turning the pan upside down on a flame, is also good.

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2 Responses to “Cheese in Meaty Pan”

  1. Do these same 2 options apply if the frying pan in question is a “non-stick” (T-Fal) frying pan?

    • Non-stick (Teflon) pans cannot be kashered. See Hag’alas Keilin (Chap. 3, no. 203, note 215) and Sefer Hakashrus (Chap. 3, no. 40, 58, and notes).

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