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Urn for Pesach


Does a regular Shabbat urn need to be toveled for Pesach?


A regular Shabbat urn, which was not used for heating chametz foods (by placing on top of it), does not need to be kashered for Pesach, though some still use a separate urn for Pesach.

A regular Shabbat urn does not come into contact with chametz (certainly not in the majority of its use), and even if it did, it ‘kashers itself’ by means of its regular use. Nonetheless, some remain concerned for the possibility of contact with chametz (this is especially the case for the older metal urns, which are sometimes used to heat foods by placing them on top of the urns), and prefer to use a different urn for Pesach. If the urn was used to place chametz items on it for heating, it requires kashering.


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