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Laws of Mezuzah


What is the exact bracha for a mezuzah to be put on a door?

is the bracha said after its nailed? At what exact point is the bracha said?

What is the height of the mezuzah on the door? (how many feet up?)

At what degree of angle?

Does the top of mezuzah bend out of room or towards room to be entered?


The Berachah is: “Baruch atah… vetzivanu likvo’a mezuzah.” It is made just before the mezuzah is nailed to the doorpost. The mezuzah should be fixed two thirds of the way up the doorpost. If one errs, one should err on the higher side (above two thirds) rather than the lower side (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah 289:2; Taz and Shach). The custom of Ashkenazi Jewry is to have the Mezuzah on a diagonal, with the top part facing into the room to be entered.

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