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Bringing in Shabbos Early

What is the heter to take in shabbos during mincha gedola? How and when should my wife light when the only orthodox minyan in town davens maariv and recites kiddush during mincha gedola?


Shabbos can be brought in anytime after Pelag Haminchah. Pelag Haminchah is halfway between the time of minchah ketanah and shkias hachamah, which is one and a quarter hours (shaos zemanios, meaning hours that depend on the length of the day) before shekiah, or ten and three quater hours into the day.

If the only shul in town brings in Shabbos at this time, your wife should light candles before the congregation brings in Shabbos. There are different opinions and customs concerning when Shabbos is brought in, but one should ensure that candles are lit, and that no more melachos are performed, at the time that Barchu is recited in shul.

Sources: See Shulchan Aruch, Rema, and Mishnah Berurah: 261:4; 263:10.

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  1. It seems to me that the halacha is that if candles are lit before pelag hamincha, they must me extinguished and re-lit, however the shul sometimes brings in shabbos well before mincha katana. The rabbi’s wife lights candles, followed by mincha, kabolas shabbos, barchu, maariv, and public kiddush and seuda, all during mincha GEDOLA. Birkas hamazon will always be after pelag hamincha, however. If I am to understand this as bringing in shabbos exactly at pelag hamincha, then my wife will not have a chance to light, as it becomes possible and prohibited at the same moment. Is lighting before pelag hamincha, but reciting the brocha after pelag hamincha, a solution?

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