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Ate Meat and Cheese

Hi I was pondering the following question and would appreciate some help. If someone ate a piece of meat and half an hour later ate a piece of hard cheese, what is his status is he meaty milky or cannot eat anything until after 3 or 6 hours. I assume the latter but have not seen anything in any seforim confirming the matter. Thank you.


Although I have not seen a direct source, there is no reason that the regular principles would not apply, meaning that it would be prohibited to eat either milk or meat for a number of hours.

This is comparable to a plate that has meaty and milky beliyos in it (in a way that they don’t combine to be treif), which can’t be used for both milky and meaty.

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  1. the daas kedoshim (butchacher) 89, 2 says he can continue eating milk, since the waiting period is a geder, not an actual prohibition of basar bchalav. the maharsham in daas torah seems to say like this as well. although not everyone agrees with this, most poskim say if he made a bracha on the cheese he should at least take a bite, for bracha in vain outweighs the issue of waiting after meat.

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