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Finishing Shas by Cassette

If a person finishes shas by listening to tapes and or cds, but never says any of the words. Is he obligated in making a siyum or is it his choice? Also. is this considered learning? The person does think and often talks to himself in learning as to what is being said?


Finishing shas by means of tapes is considered learning, and a siyum should certainly be made.

Mazal Tov for the siyum!

Sources: The Vilna Gaon (Orach Chaim 47, glosses to se’if 4) writes as simple that thinking about Torah is a fulfilment of the mitzvah to study Torah. It can be assumed that the Shulchan Aruch, although ruling that a berachah is not made over thinking about Torah, concurs with this, but maintains that the berachah over Torah is only recited when Torah is studied in speech.

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