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Recalling Yetzias Mitzrayim

There’s a mitzvah to mention or remember yezias mitzrayim by day and night. If someone wants to remember it more than twice, does one get a mitzvah every time?


There is no mitzvah to remember yetzias mitzrayim more than twice a day, and this is not one of the constant “remembrances.” However, remembering yetzias mitzrayim is part of the fulfillment of many mitzvos, and if one recalls yetzias mitzrayim as part of the mitzvah, it is surely a mitzvah. In addition, the Ramban explains that yetzias mitzrayim is the foundation of our emunah in Hashem. If by recalling yetzias mitzrayim one strengthenes one’s faith in Hashem’s direction of the world, it is surely a mitzvah.

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