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Washing in Morning and Mayim Acharonim

Netilat yadaim-Kav HaYashar chapter 13 says 3 times wash the right hand/and 4th time to remove the water-3 times wash the left hand and 4th time to remove defiled water.Others say to wash 3 times alternating between right and left hands. What is right? Before Birkat Hamazon # times left hand and 3 times the right hand (Ha Yashar); others say to wash 3 times right hand than left 3 times. Mayim achoranim? Your view please. Last question,: hen you and your fellow judges need a tefillin Rashi or Tam, where do you buy kosher mehadrin tefilin,can you provide contact info?Todah.


Both the options you mention for netilas yadayim are acceptable, although the common custom is to wash alternate hands. The hands need to be washed three times each–the fourth is a chumra, an added stringency, and not the strict halachah.

For mayim acharonim, it is sufficient to wash the last finger joints with a little water, although according to the Vilna Gaon, one should use a full revi’is of water, and do a kosher netilah (once on each hand is sufficient), other authorities do not mention this stringency, and write that a little water is enough, provided it cleans the hands (siman 181).

Concerning the tefillin, I will bl’n answer privately.

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