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Peeling Before Eating on Shabbos


kvod harav,

Why do some actions when dealing with a non-borer action require it to be done right prior to the meal? What would this accomplish? “mimah nafshach” : if its borrer than it needs to have the other requirements as well such as immediate and ochel mitoch psolet and if its not borer than what does ‘immediate’ accomplish?

For example: fruits with edible fruit peels. Although this is not considered borer, since one can eat the peel it, it can only be peeled right prior to the meal? Why is this the case?

There are many such exmaples of not-borer that allow for only immediate action before usage… is this a quasi-borer?


The reason why we ensure to peel fruit just before eating them is because of the concerng that the peel is pesoles. Even if the peel is indeed pesules, it is permitted to peel a fruit, because this is the way in which the fruit is eaten–it is derech achilah to eat fruit by peeling them first (certainly for fruit that must be peeled, like oranges and bananas, and even for fruit that can be eaten without peeling). Because this is the way the fruit is eaten, peeling the fruit is derech achilah, and permitted. However, it is only considered derech achilah when performed directly before eating the fruit.

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