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Peeling Sausages


Some actions like removing a wrapper from candy or skin from sausage can only be done prior to the meal since the wrapping is a sperate entity.

Question: If this is borer and thus one is require to remove it only right prior to the meal then why is one allowed to remove the wrapping which is ‘psolet mitoch ochel’? This is thereby not fulfilling one of the 3 requirements (1-myad 2-byad ‘ 3-ochel mitch psolet’) and should be a malacha ; on the other hand if its not borer than why should one be obliged to remove it only before usage?


It is permitted because it is derech achilah, a manner of eating. The idea behind the three conditions is to ensure that the action is not an action of separation, but rather an action of eating. In the case of the sausages, although the pesoles is removed from the food, this is the way in which the sausage is eaten, and therefore not borer. For this reason, a condition precedent is that the sausage be eaten immediately after peeling, indicating that this is an action of eating and not of separating.

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