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Cause of Anti-Semitism

What is the cause of anti-semitism? and, why do we have anti-semitism all over the world all the time?


Much has been written about this subject–too much for a short answer.

The principle is that there is something inbuilt, metaphysical, in the eternal hatred of Jews. As the verse states, “Esau hates Jacob.” It is a simple fact.

Further to this, the constant moral imperative of the Jew is something that the world does not particularly like. Today, the world wants to show how the Jews themselves are immoral, as if to say, “who are you to preach morality to us?” “You do the same as we did in the war!” And so on.

Yet, beyond this theme, the totally irrational nature of anti-Semitism, and its historical continuity, certainly suggests that deeper forces are at work.

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