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Non-Jew’s Service of G-d

I am a gentile who believes G-d and in the divinity of Torah however I have not converted to Judaism.

Can I expect that G-d will bless me and prosper me financially if I keep the Noahide laws and pray to God for wisdom and strength to prosper?

I was found unfit to work and placed on a disability about 9 years ago. I am healthier now then I was then and am considering starting an online venture, a blog, perhaps also a video blog, and would also like to write books all with wholesome things that will entertain, inspire and educate others in some way. I have some ideas about what I would do.

If I keep the Noahide laws and pray and delight in G-d will He prosper me even though I am an unconverted gentile?

Is G-d giving me these desires and ideas to prosper or are these my own thoughts?

Can I expect prosperity or should I accept things the way they are?

Also what does G-d want me to do to help G-d’s work and the less fortunate… I know that Torah instructs G-ds people in tithes and other offerings… how does this apply to gentiles… what does G-d want us gentiles to do when it comes to giving to G-ds work and other charity?

Thank you for any answers and insights you may have.


There is no doubt that G-d helps those who believe in Him and in His direction of the world: “Hashem (the Lord) is close to those who call Him, to all those who call Him in truth.” There is no obligation for a non-Jew to convert to Judaism, and provided he believes, and He keeps the Noahide laws, he can certainly achieve closeness with G-d and Divine blessing.

One of the fundamental beliefs of Judaism is that nothing that happens to us is by chance. If you have the capacity and potential to do good works, then do it. Of course, the thoughts are your own, yet G-d guides us in many ways, and if the ideas can be of benefit to others, then surely they are worth investigating. There is so much un-wholesome material around, material that damages the soul and pulls a person into vice and infidelity, and the world can surely benefit from some input in the reverse direction.

The laws of tithing and so on do not formally apply to non-Jews, but giving charity and supporting worthy causes is one way in which every person can emulate G-d, who gives us everything we have, even though we do not deserve it. Walk the path of G-d, and no doubt you will see blessing.

Blessings of wellbeing and prosperity.

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