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Berachos for Dessert

i read the follwing

“Things that are not considered an integral part of the meal, such as dessert and fruit, are not considered part of the meal, and a separate berachah must be made on them. A separate berachah is likewise made on wine, and the same applies for liquors.

For cakes and pastries that are served for desert, some authorities rule that a separate berachah is not made, depending on the type of cake and pastry.”

My question is therefore besides for a mezonot would all shehakol, ha’etz, ha’adamah brachot be said separately in a meal after hamotzi in ‘dessert time’?

Would this ‘issue’ be solved just by having a less than a c’zayit of ha’etz, haadmah, sh’hakol, before ‘hamotzi’?


The basic answer is that yes, for items eaten as dessert, a new berachah is made, with the possible exception of mezonos. This issue would be solved by eating less than a kezayis of the appropriate food before the meal, but there is no need to do so, and a new blessing can be made for the dessert. For coffee after the meal, the Mishnah Berurah recommends making a blessing on something that definitely requires a blessing (such as a little sugar).

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