2 fleishig spoons were washed in a sink with milchig dishes. How do I make my kitchen kosher again?


If there was no actual meat or milk on the dishes, everything is fine. Even if there was milk or meat on the dishes/spoons, but the water you used was not hot, everything is fine. If the water you used was hot to a level of discomfort (yad soledes bo), and the dishes/spoons were dirty so that you think hot meat touched the spoons/hot milk touched the dishes, the specific spoons/dishes would require kashering.

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  1. I don’t understand doesn’t the rema in 95:3 hold like tosafos that yoreh choleves is a taam sheni b’issur and that even if the keilim have nothing on them if they are bnei yoman its assur? If you can explain thanks

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