what is condiedered ‘one place’ with regards to a bracha ‘me-eyn shalosh/ birchat hamazon’ ? (are all the rooms/floors of ones house/propert inside and outside ok?). Does having people remain behind at the meal when one leaves have any effect and what if there are no people/they cant remain behind?

For a food of ‘bore nefashot,’ can one walk around with this food/drink or does each walking terminate the bracha? (a fruit or water for example)

Can one have a mezonot and then leave to other affairs or to get more food and then come back continue eating and/or make bracha achrona or is ir preferable to make ‘meyin shalosh/bircat hamazon’ before leaving? (different room? different house?)


If one has in mind when reciting the blessing that one will be eating in different places, it is permitted to move from room to room and from floor to floor in the same house, without having to make a new blessing. This does not help for moving from house to house, but only from room to room. If one did not have this in mind when reciting the blessing, even moving from room to room will constitute a problem, causing a safek — a matter of doubt — concerning whether a new berachah must be recited. The after-berachah itself should be recited in a place when one ate.

One may walk around, but only in the same house, and only provided one had intention at the time of reciting the berachah. If one’s general way is to walk around while eating, then it can be considered as if one had intention, even if there was no explicit intention.

For mezonos, one should only move around from place to place when one had intention, and only in the house, as above.

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