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Changing Location while Eating


If one is drinking or eating fruits can one start in one place and end in another (ex. outdoors ; or from house to outdoors)

Is outdoors considered ‘one place’ when it comes to berachot?

Is a moving car/plane/train considered one place with regards to berachot?


If a berachah is made while already getting ready to go, such that the beracha is made “on the go” (on the way out), and one intends to continue eating/drinking outdoors, the berachah will apply anything eaten outside, and a second berachah should not be made. Certainly, a berachah made outside, with intention of moving around, applies everywhere outside. A moving vehicle of any sort is considered a separate domain with regard to berachos, and has the halachah of one place.


Shulchan AruchOrach Chaim 178:4; Mishna Berura 178:42; Vezos Haberacha p. 62.

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