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Counting the Omer but Waking Someone Up

I have not yet counted the Omer tonight. It is after midnight but still nighttime. I want to count but there is a possibility of waking up the person who is sleeping in the next room. I need to wash (Negel Vaser) and then count and I might wake up the person who is sleeping? Should I wait and count during the next day without a bracha in order to make sure that I don’t wake the person or should I count and take the chance that I might wake them up?

Also, if there was one other time during the counting of the Omer this year that I did not count at night but counted during the day so am I still able to count with a bracha on the following nights if there were two times that I had to count during the day?

Rabbi thank you so much for your help to me.


If you are concerned about waking somebody up, just rub your hands against something to ensure that they are clean, and count (with a berachah) without washing.

Provided that you counted during the day, you may continue to count with a berachah, even if you do this more than once.

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