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Giving Tzedaka to Shluchim

Hello Rabbis, I need some help to understand tzedakah please. I give willingly but when asked for money by shiliachs I feel angry. Maybe its because I wasnt raised frum I dont know but I really want to get over feeling like this


You can perhaps try to focus of the approach.

Usually, we look upon a shaliach as somebody disturbing us for his own personal benefit, or the benefit of the people who send him.

However, we can see him differently: Rather than coming for his benefit, he’s coming for our benefit, to give us the merit of contributing to the surely worthy cause for which he is collecting.

We may not always be able to give as must as we’d like to, but even if we only give a little, we are partners in the cause: helping the poor and needy, assisting in bringing Jewish children to Jewish schools, aiding in saving mothers from aborting pregnancies, contributing to the healing of the sick and the treatment of the disabled — and so on.

If we look at the shaliach as somebody offering us a good deal, perhaps our feelings towards him will also see a change.

Good luck!

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  1. Thank you Rabbi! That change occurred as soon as I read your answer. I hadnt ever thought of it as you wrote. Many many thanks Jane

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