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Standing Up for Torah Scholars in Shul

Re standing up for Torah scholars and elders

What does one do when one finds oneself in a shtieble and every 3rd person is a Torah scholar or elder. With all the standing up one would not be able to daven or learn.


Even while davening, Birkei Yosef (244:1) writes that a person should stand up in respect for elders. This is also ruled by a number of today’s poskim, as brought at the end of the book Vehadarta Penei Zaken. The same applies while learning.

However, the obligation only applies to a major Torah scholar, or an elder (70+) that actually passes by, and one only stands up for a particular elder/scholar once. Try sitting near the front (you won’t see people passing by), or in a quieter beis midrash.

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