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Interrupting Between Tefillin

Are there any situations when one can answer amen between tefillin shel yad and tefillin shel rosh?


There are no situations in which one should answer amen between the two tefillins, and one should rather silently listen to kedushah, kaddish, and so on, without answering.

If one did answer, the Mishnah Berurah (25:36) rules that one should make another berachah (or make two berachos according to the Ashkenaz custom of making two berachos for tefillin), but other poskim (Maamar Mordechai, Nahar Shalom, Aruch Hashulchan 35:17) write that one should not make another berachah.

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  1. What about the schulcan arch katzir? the author poskins it is muter to answer amen providing the person says lehaniach tefillin, he holds its no hefsik?? How can he poskin against the Mishnah berurah?? A bit confusing? Apparently askenazis follow the MB in all cases??

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