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Al Hamichya and Al Ha’etz

Shalom uvracha,

If I ate a shiur of grapes and a shiur of cookies and then say al hamichya and forget to include “al haeitz” in it, what do i do? Say another me’ein shalosh just for the grapes? or was i already yotzei bdieved?

thank you


If the “al ha’etz” part of the berachah was forgotten, the obligation of “al ha’etz” remains incumbent, and therefore a second me’ein shalosh must be recited for the grapes.

“Al hamichya” and “al ha’etz” are two distinct berachos, and although we put them together when appropriate, if one of them is omitted it must be recited independently.

[This ruling is given by the Chida, and I do not know of anybody who disputes it.]

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