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Making a Shabbos Belt

I would like to know how to make myself a belt to wear so I can wear my house keys in an area where there is no eruv.


You have to take an elastic that is long enough to go all the way around your waist, and tie both ends of the elastic to two hooks.

Each hook is now attached to a hole in the top of the key. Both can be attached to the same hole, or they can be attached to two separate holes in the top of the key. The main principle is that the belt should be dependant on the key to remain in place, so that the ket is an integral part of the belt. The hooks cannot overlap, and must be attached to two distinct sides of the holes, or to two holes, so that taking away the key will “break” the belt.

The “belt” is then worn normally, as a means of holding up one’s pants.

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