What do I do if I miss shachris? Do I daven 2 shemona esrei’s by mincha, or is that on sometimes and can i still daven shachris if its before chatzos?


If you miss shacharis (past the fourth hour–sha’a zemanis–of the day), you should daven 2 mincha’s–first the minchah shemoneh esrei, and then the shacharis shemoneh esrei. According to some poskim you can daven b’dieved until chatzos.

Sources: Shulchan Aruch and Mishnah Berurah, Orach Chaim 108.

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2 Responses to “Tashlumim for Shacharis”

  1. What about other parts of shacharis like birkas shma yshtabach etc for maeeuh brachos

    • They have to be said before davening Shemona Esrei, therefore you are not making up for them afterwards.

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