What do I do if I miss shachris? Do I daven 2 shemona esrei’s by mincha, or is that on sometimes and can i still daven shachris if its before chatzos?


If you miss shacharis (past the fourth hour–sha’a zemanis–of the day), you should daven 2 mincha’s–first the minchah shemoneh esrei, and then the shacharis shemoneh esrei.

Sources: Shulchan Aruch and Mishnah Berurah, Orach Chaim 108.

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2 Responses to “Tashlumim for Shacharis”

  1. the mishnah berurah says he can daven shemoneh esray until chatzos

  2. see 29 iyar 5770 in genral tab where it is written one can daven until chatzos

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