This week’s Parashah, Parashas Mishpatim, presents the natural and direct continuation from the event of receiving the Torah, of which we read last week. After the Torah was given, Moshe, under instruction from Hashem, began to teach the people the intricate laws of the Torah, and in particular, the civil law that the Torah defines. Although we are used today to developed and well-ordered law systems, a law system as complete and encompassing as Torah civil law was a great novelty in the ancient world. Even today, Jewish civil law remains unique in that even our monetary laws derive from the Divine source of the Torah. As the verse states (Tehillim 147:20): “He has not done so for all nations, and laws — they do not know.”
This week’s article presents a fascinating halachic discussion over whether, and to what extent, a person is permitted to take the law into his own hands. In addition, the article addresses the delicate question

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