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Using Warming Drawer/Adding Spices to Food (Shabbos)



1) According to the opinions that say that a warming drawer is permitted to be used and even with cold food on shabbos since its purpose is to reheat and not cook, does this depend on the type of food that is being warmed (i.e. iregardless if something was roasted, cooked, fryed, etc.)?

2) Can one add spices/salt/sauce-marinade to a warm or hot food? maybe warm only ? maybe neither? i.e. witch chicken or cholent? cholent (off warming device)?


1) According to poskim who permit the use of this device (because it is not considered derech bishul–see, it is permitted to do so concerning all types of food. This is clear from the rulings of poskim concerning placing food on another pot (which is on the fire), where no distinctions are made between different types of foods. The reason for this is that even cooked food (meaning mevushal (not roasted), such as rice) does not “require” roasting, and “roasting” it is not part of the cooking process, so that there is no question of bishul de’oraisa. See Menuchas Ahava, Chap. 10, note 81.

2) It is permitted to add salt to hot food. However, spices (of uncooked herbs) should not be added to hot solid foods, out of concern that they are considered a keli rishon (because they are a davar gush), and this would imply cooking the herbs. See Mishnah Berurah 318:65, 45, 118.

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