1) The practice of tefila with outstretched hands was common & even mentioned in tanach. Because the non-Jews have now adopted this practice we discourage this. What is the mekor in Orach Chaim?

2) Tzedaka is collected bishtayim from the gemora in bava basra. If a rov has a fund “discretionary fund” must the rov be mekayim with two people? If the menadev comes to him & the rov is trusted k’trai, surely this is not considered srorah?

Rav shelomim U-rav todos.


1) Rabbi Akiva Eiger writes that because the non-Jews have adopted this means of prayer, it is no longer beloved to Hashem.

2) The “serarah” (authority) over the community that the Gemara refers to applies only to the gabbai tzedakah of the community, who has the power to force people to give charity, according to their means, for the benefit of the community poor. For a private donation to a rabbi, there is no need for two people, and the rabbi is permitted to receive it on his own (as many do).

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