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Weakness During Fast

My wife went to buy some vitamins and forgetting that today is a fast, she drunk two small sips of water to try take a vitamin.
Is it considered that she broke the fast and if yes:
1. Would does she have to fast again.
2. Of late she is tired and not as strong as usual – would this patur her from having to be mashlim the fast?


1. If she only sipped water (less than a revi’is), this is not considered breaking the fast, and she does not have to fast again (Mishnah Berurah 568:5).

2. If the fast causes her an ailment beyond the ordinary weakness of fasting, such as headache (beyond what a person usually feels when fasting), this would exempt her from completing the fast. Weakness alone is sufficient cause for exemption only if the weakness is extreme (beyond what ordinary people experience), such as a degree that forces her to be bedridden (see Mishnah Berurah 550:5).

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