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Washing in Nine Days

Can one shower, or take a bath and wash feet during the 9 days for cleanliness, not pleasure? Its the summer months and people sweat more readily? Can one take more than one shower just to wash off sweat or dirt?


If a person feels dirty, it is permitted to take a cold shower, for the purpose of basic cleanliness. Soap may be used if required for cleansing. According to some opinions, there is an additional limitation that he may not wash the entire body at once, but should wash one area at a time.

Sources: See Orach Chaim 551:15, and Rema, which states the prohibition of washing in the Nine Days. However, we find in the laws of Yom Kippur (613:1, and Magen Avraham 614:1) that it is permitted to wash for removing dirt, and this leniency will certainly apply to the Nine Days, too. Even on Tisha Be’av, it is permitted to perform sichah (554:15–even though this is prohibited on Yom Kippur) for the purpose of removing dirt, and the more so on the nine days.

See also Yeshu’os Yaakov, 551:3, concerning washing with cold water, and his leniency can certainly be relied on for sweaty areas.

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