If a ben torah is a relative but watches tv and or uses the internet (kosher purposes), and another person thats a ben torah non-relative that does not watch tv: Can I give tzadakah to the non relative? I just feel that a ben torah should not watch tv or such even for so called “relaxation” purpose, he should either learn or engage in parnassah.The non relative has priority since he learns all the time.


According to many authorities, poor family members take priority in charity allocation even over poor Torah scholars who are not family. Some dispute this, and maintain that a non-family Torah scholar takes priority over a family non-Torah scholar. However, if both are Torah scholars, only that the family member is not of quite the same caliber as the non-family member, the family member will have priority according to all opinions. This does not mean you have to donate all your charity money to the family member, and you can divide it up as you see fit — but the obligation remains not to “ignore” your family.

For more information please see https://dinonline.org/2010/08/12/laws-of-tzedakah-part-ii-who-to-give-first/.

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