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Reading Shnayim Mikra Mentally

Can one do shanim mikra non-verbally or mentally lechathilla?


The mikra, meaning the reading of the Torah verses themselves, must be done out loud (verbally).

Concerning the targum and/or Rashi, there is a dispute among authorities, and it is better to say out loud, certainly with regard to the Targum.

Sources: See Rivevos Efraim (6:164), citing from Rav Chaim Kanievsky (stringent concerning Targum); Givas Shaul (28, stringent concerning Targum and Rashi); Chut Shani (Vol. 4, chap. 87, no. 2, sec. 3, stringent concerning Rashi); Rav Belsky, Halachically Speaking 1:18 (lenient concerning Rashi); Teshuvos Vehanhagos 2:204 (in doubt); Shaarei Zevulun (Shabbos 27, in doubt).

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  1. All Torah learning should ideally be done out loud, according to many opinions including the Baal HaTanya.

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