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Bedika After Shkiya

If a woman makes a bedika a little after the shkiya (like 15 minutes) on the day she has to go to mikva, and she didn’t make a bedika in the morning is it a good bedika?


Some are lenient concerning doing a bedika after shkiya, but only when this is done a short time after shkiya. Fifteen minutes is borderline, and any less than this is okay.

Sources: See Mareh Cohen Chap. 4, note 39, who mentions the possibility of leniency up to thirteen and a half minutes after shkiya. This leniency is also mentioned in Shiurei Shevet Halevi, though principly for cases after the tevilah (though he also mentions being lenient before the tevilah). Some Sefardi authorities are lenient for performing the bedikah even later (see Taharas Ha-Bayis 2:315). based on the opinion of Rabbeinu Tam.

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  1. We hold rabbeeinu tam for ending shabbos and yom kippur. My wife did a hefsek at 19 minutes past shekiah. Is that acceptable bdieved?

  2. To be precise – hefsik tahara at 5:14 / 5:15 PM on Sunday afternoon January 18th.

    1. I understand that you hold Rabbeinu Tam only lechumra, and not lekula.
      Under the circumstances, 19 mins after Shkiya is too long for the Hefsek Tahara to be valid.
      You can see here for details on this matter; as you will see, even opinions lenient for a hefsek after Shkiya will not allow this after 19 mins.
      Best wishes.

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