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Soda from 7-11 Store

11 Menachem Av 5771

Kvod HaRav,

Is it permissible to purchase and drink fountain sodas in (a disposable paper or plastic cup) with ice from their ice dispenser for example
diet coke which is always kosher in the US, from a non-kosher convenience store chain for ex. 7-11.

Thank you.

Baruch Reuven Derringer
Brooklyn, NY


I don’t see a reason why this should be forbidden. Unlike a non-kosher restaurant, the concern for maris ayin does not apply, because there are plenty of kosher things and other items a person can purchase in a 7-11 store. There does not appear to be any concern for the kashrus of the drink or the ice (it is implausible that drinks should be mixed up), and therefore I don’t see any concern.

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