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Walking Uncovered in Mikvah

When someone (a man)is in the mikvah erev shabbos: Does one have to go bare and not cover up? Someone once said thats its a shame to the brit to cover up in a mikvah? Its as if ones ashamed of the brit? If so, what if some one is naturally shy?


The source for this matter is a Gemara in Shabbos (41) which writes that one should not unnecessarily cover the place of the milah, so as not to suggest that one is embarassed of the bris. The Magen Avraham explains that this is only where one is necessarily naked (upon descending into the water). Even here, on one’s way back to people who are attending, one should cover the milah because of tzenius. Therefore, it is fine to cover up if one is naturally shy, provided that one does not cover the place of the milah (with one’s hands) when one must necessarily be uncovered.

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