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Ma’aser from Fund

I am withdrawing savings from keren hishtalmut. Since I am withdrawing the money before the 7 year period – the money is taxable.

Regarding calculating maaser:

1. Does one make the calculation on the amount before tax or after tax.
2. Does one make a distinction between the monies paid into the fund by the employer and those paid into the fund by the employee.


The amount that you take ma’aser from is the profit that you gain from the fund.

However, a salary is of course part of your income, and whatever part of your salary that you placed into the fund must be included in the ma’aser calculation. If you invested private (not salary) money into the fund, then this money should be deducted from the total before calculating ma’aser, because this is not part of the gain.

Because you have to pay tax, this deduces from your gains, and therefore ma’aser must be calculated after the deduction of payable tax.

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