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Leaving Radio on in Danger

If theres a weather storm or an emergency happening, RACHMANA LITZLAN, can a person keep a radio or TV on for the latest reports or news that might be pertinent for safety?


In a situation of danger, the radio can be left on in a private room, on low volume, and one may enter from time to time to check for updates. The radio must not be left on a high volume, and the TV should not be left on (during the week, and the more so on Shabbos!).

In the Gulf War, the State of Israel ran a special radio station for Shabbos called the “silent station,” which frum people left on for Shabbos, and which was limited to security updates. This is of course optimal, but such an arrangement is not possible, the option above is next best.

See Shut Chelkas Yaakov 1:61; 3:98.

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