What are the different opinions regarding walking around in socks or barefeet?

I recall the Ben Ish Chai writing that one should not go barefoot. On the other hand, the Ramak in Tomer Devorah says that sometimes one should go barefoot because it is “Sod Ha-Shechina”.

It is very healthy for the feet and posture to walk barefoot – would the inyan of “u-shemrartem me’od es nafshoseichem” offset any opinions that hold not to go barefoot.


Concerning both men and women, the Mishnah Berurah (2:1) writes that in places where the custom is to cover one’s feet (even at home), one should wear socks — even at night under the the blanket.

In all places that I am aware of, the custom today is to sometimes walk at home with uncovered feet, and therefore this will not be a concern.

The Ben Ish Chai (Year One, Vayishlach 18) does write that one should not walk barefoot, but this appears to apply only where the custom was not to walk barefoot generally, and therefore this was considered immodest.

It is therefore fine to walk barefoot, the more so if this is good for posture and for the feet in general.

[This applies to walking barefoot at home; it is not customary to walk barefoot outdoors.]

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