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Berachah on Leftover Meat

If one is eating Chinese beef lo mein.  There is majority of noodles and little pieces of beef and vegetables mixed together in the noodles.  Since the ikkar in the mixture is mezonos the beracha is mezonos and the beracha exempts the meat and the vegetables.

What if at the end of the meal I am full of noodles but wouldn’t mind eating a few more pieces of the meat.  If one picks the meat out at the end, should one say another beracha or is this case comparable to milk leftover after cereal where the initial beracha on the cereal covers this milk?


In the case described in the question, it appears that one should make a separate berachah on the meat.


The Mishnah Berurah (168:46) writes that where some of the tafel food (such as milk in a cornflakes bowl) is left over after completing the ikkar, a separate berachah is not made on eating the tafel (the milk at the end of the bowl).

The reason for this is that one makes a berachah on the cornflakes with the milk, and leftover milk is therefore included in the berachah.

However, it appears that this does not apply where the tafel food is an important food in itself, only that no berachah is made because of a mixture with one of the minei dagan. In this case, the person wants to eat the meat on its own. up untill now, it was mixed with noodles, and therefore a mezonos was made on the mixture. Once the meat is no longer part of a mixture, a separate berachah must be made.

This ruling emerges from the Aruch Hashulchan (202:2), who writes that if one takes out the potatoes from a mixture that includes minei dagan, and eats them separately, a ha’adamah must be made. A similar ruling is given by the Eishel Avraham (208:2), provided that the other item in the mixture is “important.”

Therefore, if a significant amount of meat is left at the end, and one wishes to eat it alone, one should make a shehakol on the meat.

See also Vezos Haberachah p. 120.

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