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Eating Before Tefillas Ha-Derech

Regarding tefilas haderech, If one travels going and coming pass the range of 4 kilometers: Should 2 brachas be made both at the time of going and also coming back? Also, should one eat something before the bracha in order to complete the bracha?


The berachah is only made if the distance travelled is over 4Km out of town. Only one berachah is made on a given day. Therefore, the berachah should be made on the way to work (say), provided the workplace is over 4Km out of town, and it is not repeated on the way home.

It is preferable to eat something before, so that the berachah can be recited immediately following the after-berachah. However, this is not obligatory, and if it is not convenient, one does not have to eat something against one’s will.

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