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Wine in Fridge with Cleaning Lady


If there is non-mevushal wine that is open in the fridge, and there are construction workers and a cleaning lady (all non-jewish) in the house, does this make the wine problomatic?

The workers are not left in the house alone usually, and we do shifts… but I may have stepped out for a minute or so (they know someone can walk in any second); is the wine ok?


If the cleaning lady/workers did not know that you are going out for a lengthy period of time, and they fear that you may come home at any time, the wine is permitted.

If they knew that you will not be returning home for a while, and she is from a people who practice idolatry, the wine is prohibited even if she was left alone for a short time.

If she is from a people who do not practice idolatry, the wine becomes prohibited only if she was left alone with the wine for a considerable period of time.

Note that if the bottle was closed (even without a seal), and it is clear that nobody opened it, the wine is permitted. Furthermore, merely opening the door of the fridge is considered inadvertent and indirect moving, and the wine would remain permitted.

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