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Chazaras Ha-Shatz

I have two questions. At least!
First question is why do we repeat the amidah? I learned when I was little that it was so the people who were working and came in late could get a chance to hear it.
Is there any truth to that?

2nd question: Is is it wrong to thank someone for coming to a shiva minyon? Either by the person in mourning or by anyone else?

thanks for your response


The repetition of the Amidah prayer was instituted for those who do not know how to daven on their own (Rosh Hashanah 34b). However, once the enactment was made, it applies even where everybody knows how to pray, such as today, where siddurim are prevalent, and virtually everyone is able to pray out of the siddur (Shulchan Aruch 124:3).

In the wisdom of kaballah there are many further expalantions, and the Gemara also mentions the pasuk “kaveh el Hashem… ve-kaveh el Hashem” in connection with the twice-recited amidah prayer.

A person can be thanked for coming to a shiva minyan, and there is no problem in doing so.

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