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Late Minyan

I daven in a small shul and we occasionally struggle for minyan on weekdays. When the Chazzan reaches yishtabach without minyan, we carry on be’yechidus. What should we do if soon after a tenth person arrives, e.g. resume t’fila bezibbur mid shacharit? what about Chazarat Hashatz, kedusha. What about Borchu and on Monday/Thursday kriat hatorah? Thanks and Ktivah Vechatima Tova.


This is a question that has been debated of late by a number of talmidei chachamim of late.

Rav Shraya Develetzki ruled (I was informed) that when a minyan was not present at the beginning, but came during the berachos of the Shema, one should stop in between the berachos, and recite kaddish and barechu.

I have not heard of rulings to the contrary, though this does not appear to be common practice.

If a minyan has arrived, albeit late, there is no problem in reciting Chazaras Ha-Shatz and keriyas ha-Torah.

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