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Fasting with Chest Pains

Gut Yohr,

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and also anxiety/hypertension. Without warning, I get chest pains, stomach pains and other ailments as well as weakness on fast days and also on any ordinary day. I have had a few episodes of chest pains (that lasted longer than normal) and feel that it is a “sakanah” due to the fact that chest pains can be dangerous. Please advise, Thank you.


You should consult with your medical practitioner concerning your condition, and determine whether your condition places you in sakanah (danger) upon fasting.

After you have a clear medical opinion, we will be able to advice further.

Best wishes and g’mar chasimah tovah.

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  1. My physician feels that I can fast, but when I get the chest pains and high blood pressure I feel that I am in sakanah. What does the Rav say?

    1. Sorry for not replying earlier. I did not see the comment. If the physician says its OK, you should try to fast. If you experience chest pains, and you feel that you are in a state of danger, it will be permitted to eat. These matters are delicate, and it is best to consult with a local Rabbi, who is hands on in cases of emergency. Best wishes.

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