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Shnayim Mikra for Bereishis

This year in chutz l’aretz parashas Bereshis comes the day after simchas torah. As krias haTorah on friday will be Zos Habracha, there will only be 1 day to be ma’aver sedra Bereshis, which is a longer parasha. Can I start Bereshis earlier?


Until Vezos Haberachah is read, the week’s parashah remains Vezos Haberachah, and therefore Bereishis cannot be read. Only after the reading of Bereishis on Simchas Torah does the parashah switch to Bereishis. It is true that for this year, this makes achieving shnayim mikra for Bereishis on time something of a challenge.

Sources: See Mishnah Berurah 669 and 285 concerning the time for reading shnayim mikra of Vezos Haberachah. The reading of two parashos cannot coincide, so that one can only begin reading Bereishis after the time of Vezos Haberachah has expired.

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