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Speaking out the Name

During hataras nedarim, when a friend of mine got up to the mentioning of hashem he asked whether he should say hashems real name or not. I said just read the text (which it doesn’t have the real name) but he thought I meant to say hashems actual name. Is this saying hashems name in vain. Does one need Kapara in this instance? Also when singing a zemer can one mention hashems name or should one just say hashem?


Although in the nusach of the hataras nedarim the intention is not to actually say the Name of Hashem, but only to say “Beshem Havayah Baruch Hu,” if one did say the Name there is no need for kaparah. Although it is not customary to speak out the Name outside the context of davening, this is not a case of saying the Name levatalah (for it was spoken out for a reason), and there is no problem involved.

In zemiros for Shabbos, the general custom (among Ashkenazim) is not to speak out the Name, but it is permitted to do so, and in the context of praise and song for Hashem it would certainly not be considered levatalah.

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