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Chasan Going to Shul

Is there a patur for a chasan not to go to shul the day after his wedding?


Authorities dispute whether a chasan should go to shul during the week of Sheva Berachos.

According to the Taz (131:10; see also Magen Avraham 12), he should not go to shul, so that he won’t cause the congregation to be exempt from reciting Tachanun.

Others, however (see Kaf Hachaim 131:87) write that he should go to shul, so that the congregation will share in the joy of the chasan, and it is common today for chasanim to go to shul.

The Beis Shmuel writes (citing from Perishah) that a chasan should not go out to shul without an accompaniment (for he must not be alone), but Rav Shlomo Zalman writes in Halichos Shlomo that today, because there are people on the road, the chasan can go to shul unattended.

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