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Copying from Youtube

Is one allowed to take music/shiurim of youtube onto one’s ipod from both jewish and non jewish artists?


It is not permitted, according to copyright regulations, to copy copyrighted material from Youtube onto an ipod.

In addition, I believe that this is an infringement of Youtube regulations.

Therefore, the practice should be avoided, for non-Jewish and the more so for Jewish artists.

This answer assumes that copyright law is binding according to Torah law. There is a broad debate on the subject, and we have mentioned some sources here:

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  1. I would assume that in most cases someone who posts a shiur on YouTube would be more than happy for you to download it to your ipod/mp3 player.

    They are not putting it up there to make money, they just want people to listen to it.

    1. It depends who posts the shiur there. If the person giving the shiur posts it, you are of course right. But we cannot know who posts material on YouTube. Again, one has to check YouTube policy, too.

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