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Basis for Keli Shemelachto Le-Issur

Are the dinim of basis also shayach to a “keli shemelachto le’issur”?


This question is disputed by the acharonim.

According to some (see Tehilah Le-David 308:1) it has the same status as the muktzeh item, whereas according to others (Yeshu’os Yaakov, and see Shemiras Shabbos 20:50), it does not have the status of a basis at all, because the keli is not muktzeh proper. Because this is a rabbinic prohibition, there is room to be lenient, although some rule it is preferable to be stringent in a safek of muktzeh.

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  1. Where does it come from that it is preferable to be strigent in sofek muktzeh? What I heard from many Moreh Horos in this inyun is to be makil. The Yeshuos Yaakov like you mentioned is makil (brought in sefer Minchas Shabbos) as well the Pri Magadim in the beginning of Siman 308 (I believe sif-katan 4 in Meshbatzos Zahav) has a sofek. As one Moreh Horah m’forsam once told me, if the Pri Magadim has a sofek and the Yeshuos Yaakov paskened lhakil then v’dai can be makil. The Pri Magadim if I remember correctly mentions the reasons for his sofek. The Tehillah L’David is a bit difficult to understand — I’ve seen in recent sefarim kashas brought on the Tehillah L’David.

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