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Dairy Garlic in Soup (Meaty Pot)

If one cuts garlic with a milchig knife and then puts the garlic in a parve soup and starts to cook the soup in a fleishig pot. What should one do if they realize the situation once the soup is hot? Let the soup cook in the meat pot? Pour the hot soup into a milk pot?


Because it was cut with a dairy knife, the garlic becomes milky.

However, if there is sixty times the volume of the garlic in the soup, the milky taste of the garlic will be batel, and there is no longer a need to be concerned with it (see Shach 94:23; Taz 96:5).

Yet, because some dispute this point, it is best to pour the soup into a milky pot. The fact that the soup was heated in a meaty pot will certainly not render the soup meaty.

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