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Attending the Nutcracker Ballet

Is there a problem with Jewish people attending a production of the “Nutcracker” ballet?


The ballet performance of The Nutcracker has similar status to other cases of ladies’ singing and dancing, which are a problem for Jewish men to see.

Although these performances are common in Israel, they are not attended by observant Jewish men.

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  1. Rabbi, I think the the questioner meant even if it were an all men show, as the nutcracker is an x-mas themed musical, u think thats what he meant – to enjoy such a non-jewish event.

  2. Hi sorry, I should have explained the question better. I meant to ask if there is an issue with women going to such a performance due to the non-Jewish themes.

    1. I am not familiar with the plot. One should avoid themes that can awaken promiscuity, or promote a lack of modesty. Other than this, for women there would not be an issue.

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